Friday, February 24, 2012

Lazy Afternoon

This cat of mine, he is doing what I would like to be doing. Sitting in a sunny window alternately napping and yawning. Then stretching for good measure.

Instead, I am finding everything under the sun to do to avoid finishing some wedding stuff that really needs to be finished today. 

For instance, I cleaned my ring because it was suddenly, not as shiny as normal? 

That was lies. 

This is a hell of a shiny ring. For reals. 

It makes me feel fancy even when I'm wearing a ratty t-shirt and jeans and my hair is gross from cleaning all day. Which it is not because that would imply that I had cleaned today. 

We both know that I didn't. 


Oh, I know. An incentive. If I go ahead and finish this one task that must be finished today with no more interruptions, then I get to watch a Dr. Who and stitch on my sampler until the dog begs for dinner. 

Sounds good, no?