Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sawtooth Star Quilt: Blocks 11-12

12/72 - Blue Floral Block 

Are you sick of these yet?? Hopefully not, because according to the math I just did, (be impressed! No calculator was used!) I am only 17% done with the blocks for this quilt. I have to make 72! Eep!

11-12/72 - Blue Floral Blocks

While these blocks aren't my absolute favorites (I like bright colors!), they have a nice, unfaded crispness to the pattern which is delightful. It's very common for vintage linens to be faded from use so getting my hands on some that are so crisp is a treat!

Last one! Haha! I have finished up another batch of blocks to show y'all, but I still need to photograph them after I get home tomorrow evening. This indoor, nighttime light is just the pits!

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  1. I LOVE that fabric. Is it vintage sheet fabric?