Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Hello again!

I'll apologize in advance that this post has no photos.

I've had a pretty long hiatus from blogging. About 3 weeks before my last post, I took a job with a temp agency and it quickly turned into a permanent position. From that point on, I got a little swallowed. I was still crafting, but on a much smaller scale and much more slowly. And between my work schedule and my husband's work, I was not getting to see him nearly as much as we were both used to and any extra time I had outside of work was spent hanging out with him.

We've done a lot in the last year and a half though. We've moved twice. The first move was from our nice little 2 bedroom apt into a much smaller 1 bedroom apt (at what turned out to be a intensely crappy complex) a couple of towns over. That downsize lasted about 8 months until we bought our very first house!!

We're really excited about our little house. We were lucky in that we bought the house from a guy who was flipping it so everything was updated and put into good condition (we were also lucky in that the guy did good work, not just a slap dash affair). It's a sweet little 1 story home built in 1960. It got a lot of charm and we love it. Plus as first time home owners, it's nice that we're not having to fix lots of stuff right off the bat. We wouldn't be able to afford all of that.

I have a dedicated sewing room for the first time ever. Bryan took over the garage for his workshop and I took the littlest of the 3 bedrooms for my sewing/crafting space. Eventually when we have kids, I'll lose the room, but for now, it's all mine.

To continue with the time line, after being with my company for more than a year, my department lost a handful of large contracts. Which meant in my line of work that someone was going to be let go. I was not expecting to be that person. But I was. Being let go right before Christmas is a shitty situation. But I found part time work fairly quickly and we're scraping by until I can find another full time position. No danger of losing our house and still feeding both ourselves and the animals - which is the important part.

I do want to address some long lingering projects that will be (must be) finished this year. But I also want to take pictures of them as they stand, so perhaps, more tomorrow.

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  1. Congrats on the house, How do you follow your blog?