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Monday, February 6, 2012

Medicine Zippy

Years ago, when I was a small child, I was tested for food allergies. I came up allergic to a wide variety of things. Peanuts, milk products, wheat, soy/legumes and corn products. My reactions are pretty mild. I really only sneeze and get dark circles under my eyes. Fairly tolerable reaction in a world of high fructose corn syrup and soy based products and peanuts, right? Certainly a little sneezing is, to me at least, not a huge deal if it means that I do not have to stress too hard about whether or not a restaurant is using peanut oil to cook with or whether a hamburger is comprised of soy or not.

A couple of months ago, my fiance, Bryan and I made Thai Chicken Pizza for dinner. The recipe calls for peanut sauce, peanut butter and peanuts. That's a lot of peanuts. So when my throat started to swell after eating some of the pizza, I got really scared and popped a bunch of benadryl. Luckily for me, the benadryl did the trick and my throat stopped swelling and everything returned to normal. But it scared the shit out of me because I don't have health insurance and I'm currently unemployed. It means that if I have to go to the hospital, it's going to be really, really expensive. Which is something Bryan and I just cannot afford. So I do my damnedest to not get sick.


Fast forward to the night before last, I fixed myself a scoop of ice cream with chocolate syrup and tossed just a couple of peanuts on top. Mostly to just try a couple and see if my reaction had been a one time thing or if it was indeed getting worse with age. Sure enough. My throat started to swell again. Yikes! This time I wasn't scared because I was prepared for it. So I popped a couple of benadryl and shortly, I was fine.

Tiny back of zippy detail

I mentioned on twitter about my reaction to the peanuts and Amanda told me how she has a zippy bag that she keeps with her all the time and I thought that was a really smart idea. So yesterday, I sat down and pulled out my scrap bin and started pulling fabrics. After an hour or so, I had finished this fabulous little zippy bag to keep my benadryl with me at all times. I'll be recalibrating my interaction with restaurants and starting now, asking about their cooking habits and making more careful decisions regarding peanuts and my ability to avoid them in the future. But on the off chance I encounter one, I'll be completely prepared with my medicine zippy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year

I always like a new year. It feels fresh and clean and a perfect time to have stuff wrapped up and be planning new things to start. I didn't get all of my projects finished, but I did wrap up all of my swaps and so I'm counting it as a win.

To start the new year off, I'm participating in a couple of -alongs. A knit-along and a quilt-along. Whilst talking knitting on twitter one day with Amanda and Kayanna, we ended up deciding that we all needed to knit socks together. We then convinced (or strong armed (poe-tay-toe, poh-tah-toe!) Angela and hopefully Megan and Amanda into knitting with us. I'm a day or two behind but I finally decided on what yarn I'm going to use and what pattern.

photo courtesy of Girl Gone Loopy on etsy
It's perfectly the color of a fine olive oil and I'm totally stoked to use it. Plus, its squishy and soft. You can't beat squishy and soft.So I'll keep y'all posted about my progress.

The quilt-along I joined is called Oh My Stars! and is being hosted by Sheila of Thought  & Found. I decided that I'd cut into my bundle of Hope Valley fat quarters from my lovely, sweet friend Brie for this one. I picked out Kona Sand after spotting and falling in love with this Hope Valley quilt on flickr. It's not the same solid that was used, but close. I think the sand is a little creamier and warmer looking. It'll be super awesome to snuggle under once it's finished. I'm expecting it to take a while as right now, I'm just cutting my solids down. That way, the most tedious part (for me) is out of the way and I can cut the prints as I need them. So far, besides cutting the solid endlessly, I've finished one block for it.

With all of this crafty stuff going on, I've also taken on the task of planning my wedding in 10 short weeks. Bryan and I decided that we wanted a really small wedding and then later that afternoon, have a party that everyone is invited to. We're both relatively private people and while we love everyone, we just don't want the pressure and exposure of stating our vows in front of every single member of our large families. It's really intimidating. So I have to find a place to get married that is free, sew my dress, figure out what I'm going to make all the boutonnieres and corsages from (10 total, 5 of each), start making favors (sugar cookies with lemon icing or lemon crinkles) and about a million other things that right now, seem insurmountable but really, should roll on quite smoothly if I stick to my lists. Which I need to update...Eek! 

One thing I was thinking about doing with posts from here on was throwing in a bit at the end with a list of the things making me happy that day. I want to try and get to where I am more conscious of the good things that occur in my day to day. I want to be able to look back at say, "oh yeah, I remember that. it was great!" Especially as this is a journal for me. (Not that I'm great about remembering to write in it. Haha!) So, I'll leave you with a few things that have made me smile today.

Things that made me happy today:
  1. taking Hefen for a walk
  2. starting a pair of socks
  3. toasted seeduction bread from Whole Foods
  4. hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I woke up this morning and thought to myself, "Bugger! it's December?? When did that happen?" Last time I checked it was early November. I guess time got away from me!

We had a super busy Thanksgiving holiday and normally, that's not the case at all. The few years that Bryan and I have been dating, we've driven down to our friends home in Austin and had 'Friendsgiving' A little back story, I come from a divorced (albeit still friendly and we celebrate holidays together) family and Bryan's parents lives a few minutes away from my parents. But Bryan's twin and his wife have 3 different places to hit during the holidays in different places around the state. Yikes! So early on, we all decided that Thanksgiving was "our" holiday and we were all going to go where we pleased. So we all go to Austin. Not this year! This year, we drove down to have Thanksgiving with my parents. We stayed with Bryan's parents, but celebrated with mine. We ended up driving all over creation during the couple of days we were down on the island and then on Friday, after a morning at the gun range, we drove up to Austin to see Bryan's brother & SIL and our friends. We were there about 24 hours and came home on Saturday afternoon. So when all was said and done, we drove nearly 600 miles around the state. SO TIRED. We both declared to each other that we're going back to just doing the one trip to Austin for 'Friendsgiving' from here on out no matter what. WHEW! Ha ha!!

I haven't gotten much crafting done lately though as a direct result of all the craziness. Well, I lie, I've gotten some little things done, but nothing I bothered to take pictures of or anything like that. I made a set of sparkly trees for Bryan's SIL for her Christmas decorations. I baked a LOT. Sugar cookie leaves with fresh lime juice icing, chocolate chip cookies, lemon curd hand pies, star shaped biscuits, nutella hand pies, more chocolate chip cookies and some strange version of short bread that frankly, didn't turn out well at all. I knitted on several different things but didn't make noticeable progress on any of it.

New sweater and pants Wee bandana too 
I did made some clothes for Dorset. I knit her a little brown sweater and sewed her a pair of linen pants. I also made her a little bandana from a square of vintage feed sack that I've been hanging onto for years. Then I made a few more bandanas to put in my little shop since I thought the Dorset's was so flipping cute. I thought perhaps other Blythe Moms might want some too. Ha ha! I'd love some opinions on her pants and sweater too. I really enjoyed whipping those up and thought maybe I'd put some up on Etsy as well. So leave me some thoughts or if there is any other type of knitted thing I could try making. I have tiny needles and thin yarn at the ready!

Monday, October 3, 2011

...and now we are 30.

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 30 today.

This coming weekend will see me on my beloved beach with my toes in the sand. I miss my island so much it hurts sometimes. So being home even if it's after my birthday, will totally be a birthday wish come true.


Friday, September 30, 2011

Meet Dorset!

I'd like you to meet Dorset. A few months ago, a bunch of twitter friends were talking about these strange dolls called Blythe and I got all intrigued. I used my google-fu and quickly found a ton of blogs by devoted enthusiasts. The one thing I could not get over was how cute she was and how different she looked with every incarnation that she was produced in. 

After a while, I started thinking that I might want a Blythe doll and I got a little concerned. I'm nearly 30, what on earth am I doing playing with a doll at my age? Then I thought well why not? It's not like I'm on the floor spending my entire day actually playing with her like I'm 6 again and have a Barbie and Ken doll in each hand and am pretending to make them kiss. Then, one of my friends told me about Blythe Kingdom which is a forum of like minded people who all really love Blythe dolls. So I went over and signed up and kept reading. 

The more I read and the more different dolls I looked at, the more I knew I wanted a red-headed Blythe. I love red hair. I've spent much of my life pretending to be a red-head myself. I'm not, but with everyone in my Papa's family being natural red-heads, I've got the skin for it so I can pull it off quite easily and so dyed my hair a dark auburn for so long that when I finally grew my natural color out three years ago, my brother asked me if I'd dyed my hair brunette. Whoops!

One afternoon, my friend Rachel told me that she'd just seen someone on BK list a red headed girl for adoption. So I scurried over, read through the ad and sent the girl an email. A month and a half later and this sweet gal showed up in my post box. 

It took me a few days to figure out her name. I thought about Clementine. I thought about Marnie. But then I kept coming back to the name Dorset. So Dorset she became (her previous Mom had named her Claire) and she seemed to like this name so we kept it. Since getting her, we've whipped up a couple of dresses, a blanket, a quilt and a little pillow for her. You can see her little pillow and blankie above.

Dorset's Quilt

This is the little 9" x 10" quilt I made for her. I used up ten partial charm squares and a couple of strips of grey solid fabric and then backed it with some AMH Good Folks. For the binding I used a piece of double fold bias tape that I had leftover from some other long forgotten project. It just happened to be the right color for this quilt and it made me happy that I was using only things I already had in the stash.

So, welcome Dorset. I hope you'll be very happy here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Before I turn 31...

Over the last year, I thought several times about doing a "30 before I turn 30" type of list because it seemed like it would be fun and then I would have a list full of crossed off items to look back and be able to say 'look at everything I accomplished this past year!'. But reality set in a couple of months ago when I realized that it wasn't working in my favor to attempt a list like this before Oct. 3. Well, not unless I wanted to look back and be all "yeah! I accomplished some laundry! and some dishes! and I hemmed my pants!" I mean, really, lets face it, when I finally decided that the list wasn't going to happen, I had three months until I turned 30; laundry and dishes were about all that were going to realistically occur.  (I am a slacker. I know this about myself after almost 30 years.)

Last night, I started thinking to myself that with my birthday a week away, I could start putting together a list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turn 31. That is way more attainable. Don't you think? So I'm drawing up a list (literally drawing - this should be fun!) so that I have something tangible to carry around in my purse with me to remind me of everything I want to do this coming year. I'll post it later today when I've finished up. Yippee!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Psst, I'm over here for a moment

Sooo, guess what!!

I was invited to guest blog over at Sharon's Craizee Corner blog during her Tula Pink event!!

I'm going to be talking about my mini quilt for the flickr Doll Quilt Swap (round 11). It's insanely cute if I do say so myself. Haha!

So meet me over there! I'll be the one with a shark eating my head!

Spring Break Weekend

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pretty Little Pouch Swap

So, lately, I've been really lucky. Like, we're not going to talk about how lucky because I don't want to jinx things. Seriously. Maybe I should make this a feature... point out something I'm lucky to have experienced, etc and maybe something that makes me smile. Reminders to myself that I really do have it pretty good in life.

Anyway, a while back, I heard about a swap that was taking sign-ups over on flickr. They were going to be swapping handmade pouches! Um, I'm a pouch ADDICT. I love pouches so much! You can organize! For me, it's still the same amount of stuff in my huge purse, it's just all in pretty zip pouches. I still can't find anything because I can't remember if I stored all of my chapsticks in the cute blue zippy or the elegant floral zippy. My wallet is the ruffly zip, and I can sure find my purse sock since I never bothered to close the pouch anyway and I just stabbed myself with a teeny double pointed needle reaching into my purse for my chapstick. It's a rough life. Let me tell you. ;)

So back to this Pretty Little Pouch Swap. So the day before yesterday, I popped over to the mailboxes to check the mail after a quick walk with Hefen to stretch our legs and enjoy the sunshine and I had a little package waiting patiently in my mailbox for me.

Happy Little Package

Excuse the fabric "blur". If you *really* want to know where I live, you can always email me and I might or might not tell you. It completely depends on why you want my address. ;) SO!

I got partnered with a lovely woman on Flickr who does the most beautiful little embroideries on the things she makes. (Take a gander through her photostream. Everything is just lovely!) And dudes/dudettes. Check out the gorgeous pouches she made for me.

The pouches I received!

Stunning, right?? I KNOW! I'm seriously spoiled. Just because I really love it, here's a better view of the embroideries.

Embroidery Detail

Thank you SO SO much partner! <3<3<3 I love them!

Friday, April 29, 2011

"Not Yer Gramma's..."

I've been hearing things lately about how something is "not your grandmother's [insert craft here]" and I happen to disagree pretty strongly. In order to express my thoughts on the subject, I'm turning back to a blurb I wrote in Sept. of 2007 on an old blog because I'll never be able to say it better than I did that night when I was high on Yarn Harlot fumes.

Sept. 18, 2007
I went to see the Yarn Harlot talk tonight up in Spring, TX. As per previous experiences, she was very funny and totally worth the 150 mile roundtrip to see her. (I may have been a wee bit saddened that we didn’t get the Harlot into a Baptist church again, but I digress…)

She talked about non-knitterly reactions to knitting at one point. Something was said about how it’s always being touted as “Not your Grandmother’s knitting” and she said something to the effect that in fact, it was, it always has been and always will be and that’s not a bad thing.

I agree with Stephanie.

Growing up, my father always laughed about handknit sweaters with necks more appropriate to grace the elegantly long neck of a giraffe. Or sleeves that were more in turn with either knuckles dragging the ground or considerably too short. In short, I never once heard of a sweater that she knit that covered the body of one of her loved ones in a nicely fitting manner. Something was always flawed. I was the first grandchild on that side of the family. When I was twelve, I asked to be taught how to knit. So, as is done in Texas when a child requests a knitting lesson, we went to Wal-mart, bought a pair of brightly colored needles, a booklet and some (looking back, pretty nasty) pastel yellow acrylic yarn. “The better to see your stitches,” I was told.

Part of my inital problems concerned my being left handed and her being right handed. I learned everything pretty bass-ackwards. I knit a little off and on for years after that, but not with any seriousness and sure never finished anything. I was never taught to cast off. When I was 19, and needed something to do one day, I picked up a pair of needles again and was off! I relearned everything and my fingers have not stopped since.

Five years ago, I lost my Grandmother to lung cancer. I’d be lying if I said I’d ever gotten over it. Honestly, I don’t want to. By the time I got to go to the house, and pick something of hers to treasure, well, everyone else in the family had it pretty well picked over. But I found a lace shawl of hers in the top of her closet. A lace shawl that three years later, I would drive back to get in the face of a category 5 hurricane barreling towards my island. (It was Rita, she fizzled. Thank goodness.) I don’t know that she knit it. No one knows. I kind of doubt that she did, but I like the mystery of not knowing.

Then, a year and two days ago, I lost my Grandfather. The last time I went to the house that I knew better than the ones I’d grown up in, I stood in front of his closet touching various pieces of clothing when I spied something on the floor. I picked it up preparing to hang it back on a hanger. I picked up a dirty forest green woolen cardigan and since something told me that I didn’t want this to get sent to the Salvation Army, I took it home with me. I washed it and then a second time. I washed it again and again and it was still dirty. I ended up washing it 7 times. (Heck, a year later and I still haven’t finished washing all of the dirt out, but a girl needs a break from soaking wool.) Curious, I asked my father about the sweaters that my Grandmother knit and did she make one for Grandpa. And he described down to the horn buttons the sweater that I was washing. It is a perfect cardigan. And it was well worn and very well loved.

So really, I don’t believe for a minute that “it’s not your Grandmother’s knitting anymore”. I love my Grandmother. I love that I was able to have her teach me to knit. Heck, that I was intelligent enough to ask her to teach me. I love that every stitch I make is from my Grandmother. Like a million tiny reminders that she loved me. (See, and now I’m crying. It’s way too late at night to write shit like this.) I’ve been really lucky and no one has ever told me that line of absolute idiocy. I’m really glad too, because if knitting were to ever become, not your Grandmother’s anymore, then stop the presses, I won’t want anything to do with that. It is absolutely your Grandmother’s. And will be for as long as there are Grandmothers in this world teaching their grandchildren to knit. And I’m really really proud of that.

I really should add to this by saying that when I posted the above writing, I got some comments from people who had been taught their craft by friends or by a book. That's totally cool. But someday, they may teach their grandchildren or maybe the person who taught them learned from their Grandma. It doesn't matter. Somewhere along the line, the craft was passed along by a Grandmother to her child or her grandchild. It just seems silly and rude to discount the passage of a craft from person to person by decrying it as not being "cool" just because it came from a prior generation. Anyway. Carry on with your craft. But remember to be proud of where you learned it from. Even if it was your Grandma.